In search of colour


Single channel, ProRes422, 1998x1080, 24fps, Stereo sound, 2’24”


Produced in cooperation with BANSKA ST A NICA (Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia)

“One summer, I walked incessantly through the nature of Slovakia, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, while continuing a quiet mental conversation with Goethe's Theory of Color. The various creatures I encountered in the forest, the natural caves that hide overwhelming spaces inside them, and the sun. I turned my camera toward the (so-called) inconsequential events, paying attention not to language, but to something that humans cannot see, but which is related to each other by color. The time I spent touching the "colors invisible to humans" with my own hands and feet, trying to reconnect the two divided worlds, the visible and the invisible, was like a walkway going toward the "lost memories" in both my own blood stream and the flow of the forest brook.”  Rei Hayama

This video work consists of seven different chapters, each beginning with a short sentence. Each chapter is then arranged individually and equally as different experiences on different paths in the forest.

© 2021 rei hayama